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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sprachcaffe Language School

Sprachcaffe Language School
I've been to this school once for washing my clothes because in here a token for washing machine is 4 €, in clubclass 6 € :) So I looked around how was there... It's a German company so There were a lot of German student. I think There were % 40 German  and other %60 nearly same rate of other nationality.  

Classrooms for max 10.

The Swimming pool was very nice. Also There is a rule that People can not use swimming  pool who is not  Sprachcaffe student but I know some friend of mine used it :)

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  1. Hi Ercan,

    I am a French Muslim, and I arrived in Malta a month ago. Thanks to your blog, I've been able to find halal shops and the Mosque.
    I would like to meet others young muslim in Malta. If you're interested, or anyone else reading that post, I would be glad to meet you !