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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mosque - Masjid

Malta has only one mosque, it is in Paula. You can go to there by bus from Valletta. You must get off at end of the "Vjal sir Paul Boffa" streer and than walk up hill about 10 min. There are a mosque and a Islamic school together. The complex was made by Libyan. Also last time when I saw (summer 2011) the mosque was in restoration so main door of mosque was close so You can enter by school's door.

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Masjid;  There are some masjid in Malta. I've been one of them in 6 months so I'll explain it. It is in San Gwann and It is very close to LIDL super market, Halal Buthcer and Halal Shop. 

You can follow the maps from Paceville. 

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Also I've found on internet another masjit's adress but I've never been to there; 
Sliema Mosque (Beside Preluna Hotel & Spa)
125 Tower Road, Brighton Flats, Ground Floor,
Sliema Point Tower, Sliema , MALTA


  1. (There is only one mosque in Malta.) Malta has only one mosque. It is in Paula. You can go there by bus from Valletta. You must (should/have to) get off at the end of "Vjal sir Paul Boffa" street and then walk up the hill for about 10 min. There are a mosque and an Islamic school together. The complex was made by a Libyan (architect). Also, the last time I saw (Summer 2011) the mosque, it was being restored (by builders) so the main door of the mosque was closed so you can only enter (get in) through the door of the school.

    Fucked by GK :)

  2. Thank you for the info, it's hard to find halal stuff here without help from someone who knows. Appreciate your help and if I do manage to get to the mosque then plenty of reward shall come your way on my behalf, inshaallah

  3. Hello,
    I am isA going to Malta this month. So I would like to know if there is still this masjid in Paula. As isA I'll stay in or near Qawra I would especially like to know how I can get from Qawra to Paula and how long does it take me by bus. Additionally, please answer this: How long does it take me to go from Luqa airport to the masjid and back? Is there a prayer room in the airport in Luqa? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hello,
      Firstly Airport; As I know There's no masjid nor Mosque. You can get Mosque/Paula from The Airport by Taxi and I believe one way takes 10-12 minutes and costs 15 €.

      Qawra to Paula ?? Too long :)
      even by taxi It takes minimum an Half Hour... By Bus more than 1,5 hour...

      Also If you really want to get the mosque in 10 min, you should know way well so Please check (or get a print) map witch shows mosque...

    2. I mean Taxi driver might not know well the mosque...

  4. Hi Salam and greetings im coming to Malta first week of december from UK i am really interested about the student life in Malta and all could you please email me on wax7111@gmail.com would love to know more on this

  5. Thanks a lot for the info, May Allah bless you