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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halal Butcher-Market

Al Medina Halal Butcher;
The Butcher's owner is a Friendly Syrian brother. In the Butcher there are some Halal Food also except meats. Some Turkish, some Arabian foods.  Prices ??? For halal meat , I remember same prices with other shops.

Naxxar Road, San Gwann , Ta Bengemma SGN09, Malta.
Opposite of HSBC Bank

Rayan Shop;
Here is a Libyan Halal Market. In here a lot of Halal food also Halal Meats. Also Some Turkish food ( Especially Turkish Salami - Sucuk, Cheese) , Some Arabian food. Price ??? A little over than other shops for normal foods. I can't compare for Halal food because Al Medina butcher is different then Rayan Shop.

At the Map, I pointed but I don't remember correctly !! Although You can find If you follow the Map and the Photo which I atteched...

Turkish Market;
I have never been to Turkish Market but some friends of mine have been to there so I know from them, There are a lot of types Turkish and halal Foods. Prices??? Nearly same with other Halal market but I little bit cheaper then the others.

For All of Maps, Follow position B  :)


  1. Hi, Ercan.
    Thank you for your informations. they are very helpful!!
    I will be able to cook for my friends who are Muslim :)

  2. You're Welcome Emi.
    Enjoy your meals :)))

  3. Hi there Ercan.
    Such an informative blog. These informations would be really useful for me. I was browsing around where could I search for halal shops and then I came across your blog. I'm really looking forward for my visit there in 3weeks to come!

  4. Hi Ercan Iskan
    I am in Poland and will be visiting Malta soon. It would be nice to know some muslim friends in Malta.
    My email is zidaninmalta@yahoo.com

  5. Salam wa lekum brother... I'm thinking of going to Malta and i was wondering about the halal food... Regarding the butcher, who does the slaughtering (dhabihah) of the animal? Does the butcher import the meat and if so from whom/where etc... In the UK we have major problems sourcing true halal meat (as opposed to mechanically slaughtered/pre-stunned etc), and as such there is a monitoring agency HMC who verify the processes... Is there something similar in Malta? JazakAllah and may Allah forgive us for our mistakes...

  6. i have just returned from malta. we stayed in Marsascala. i was fortunate enough to come across a local muslim , who said the beef and chicken sold at "chefs choice" in marsascala is halal.

  7. Salaam, is there any mosque in Sliema ?

  8. SalamAleikum. InshaAllah I'm planing to visit Malta with my children from 17-23 of April and would like to know where to eat Halal and how do they react to Muslim women in Hijab and Abaya. If you have any info please email me @ tabata_freak@hotmail.com

    Barakallahu feek.

  9. Hi there I live on Gozo. Does anybody know where to buy GOAT meat (fresh or frozen, it doesn't matter) on Malta for good price?

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  11. Hı. Brothers, I wish come to malta. But ı dont know anybody support to me. I dont need a visa for european countries. When I come to Malta. I need an accomodation and work. Which people help m? I will be prade to Allah for help.