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Saturday, May 21, 2011

About Malta Schools

Malta has around 50 language school. There are famous school; EC, EF, ESE, NTST, Chamber Collage, Clubclass. I don’t have enough information about these schools except Clubclass and a little Sprachcaffe

Clubclass Language School

When you arrive Clubclass, you'll met the manager of student Ms. Linda. you'll have an exam and Linda or Assistant of Linda, Ms. Teresa read your exam, they tell your level. But Most of Student believe that Their decisions are not correct !! 

Generally everybody and I like our school. Teachers are very good people and teacher. I remember %40 teachers are Maltese, % 50 teachers are English and %10 teachers are Australian. 
Student Nationality: (I think ) % 35 Spanish, % 20 Brazilian, %10 Turkish, %10 Korean, %10 Russian (Russia and Ukraine), %15 Others European people . (begin of summer)

Students usually choose General English 20 hours/week or 30 hours/week. Lesson starts at 9 o’clock until 12:30, and you have a break 10:30 to 11:00. That is 20 hours per week. If you choose 30 hours, in the afternoon you have fluency lesson at 1 o’clock until 2:30 in week day. Usually morning lessons are normal lesson, fluency lessons are about speaking and dialogs.

Every Wednesday is exam day. If you feel you're ready to pass to up level or your teacher thinks about you're ready, you can get an exam and if you pass the exam you have to have speaking exam on Thursday or Friday  Finally if you pass both exams, you can start new class on next Monday. Else you must wait 2 weeks for new exam.

When In break time, students speak in front of the school. 

A view of hall

Bad things about Clubclass…

  • Clubclass’s Internet cafe was horrible, Computers were very slow, Computer monitors were new LCD but PC machines were old. Also there is expensive; 2 € for 1 hour.
  • But After September of  2011, They changed internet cafe with faster computers.

  • There is Free Wi-Fi in Clubclass only week day 8:30am until 4:30 pm. But Wi-Fi system is very bad, Internet connection usually breaks every 10 min or 15 min. and sometimes very slow. But rarely Internet connection can be very fast and without break.
  • The school has a coffee machine, coke machine and chocolate-cracker machine. There is no real canteen. In break you must wait around 10 people for buy a cup of coffee.
  • First book is free but second or later every books (for every level) are 30€.  But if you don’t buy a book, teachers give some photocopy page of book everyday.
      Nationality of 2010 ; proportion of nationality depends on countries' schools time, holidays time etc. For ex. between may-jun there were plenty of Spanish but after jun, there were 10% spanish... 


  1. thanks you for information obout its school)
    tell me in this school students from Japan and Korea many? or many only spanish and russian?

  2. you're welcome,
    It's really very difficult question. But only I can say, There are much more Korean than Japanese ...

  3. Global College Malta is a Brilliant Collage in Malta .English Language Schools Malta is so good.